Farmstead Friday AND Bulldog Friday

April 12, 2019



It finally happened - Junior the bulldog met the herd!


I was so nervous for this to happen.


Every evening I take the bulldogs for a walk around the farm.  When the cows came to the farm late January, I did not walk the dogs near the pasture.  Then we had all the snow and it became impossible to walk the dogs that way even if I wanted to.


 The past 2 weeks however, the boys and I have been walking pretty darn close to the herd.  Close enough for  all my furry friends to get a smell of each other and curiosity to be aroused.


Earlier this week Willy was too tired to go for a

walk (as you can see from the photo), so Junior and I went out alone. 













I decided to see what would happen if we got closer to the herd than usual. 

When the cattle saw Junior they got super curious and excited.  They all ran to the fence to get a better look.  


Junior pulled me over towards them.  He took one last look over his shoulder at me as if to say 'can I say hi mom?" and then he slowly edged closer until he was nose kissing the cows.


It was such a cool moment!  Warren (with the horns) and Handsome Karl (big white spotted) were the most affectionate.


Wishing you a 'nose kissing' type of week-end.


xoxo Lady Katherine 



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