Hello Spring

April 8, 2019


It IS here.  I am almost afraid to believe it.  I did not think this particular winter would ever come to an end.


How did you cope with it?  It is a worthy exercise to contemplate how you survived, even thrived through the grueling winter season of 2018/19.


For myself, it was our first winter on the farm.  We had 5 cows to care for during the never ending snow and brutal cold.  Every day I put on 15 pounds of clothing and boots so thickly insulated I hobbled, vs. walked up to the pasture = HARDINESS


In fact, now that I think about it - my favorite winter memory happened during the coldest day of the season, 31 below zero (before windchill!) when we had to unload a trailer full of hay bales. 


I put on ALL 15 pounds of my clothing and started hobbling bales off the trailer, down the ramp and onto the 2 wheeler where Mr. Fossler wheeled them into the barn and stacked them up.  


After about 10 minutes I realized I was sweating.  Yes 31 degrees below zero, I was outside - and I was sweating!  I took off my hat and scarf.  A few bales later I partially unzipped my jacket.


I paused - how crazy is this?  I giggled to myself.   

I felt so Bad Ass = RESILIENCE and TOUGHNESS.


Yes spring IS here, and because of the gifts of the recent winter, I know you are more hardy, resilient and tough.   Thank you winter of 2018/2019, we appreciate you.


Have a super Monday.

xoxo Lady Katherine 




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