Farmstead Friday: the herd LOVES Mr. Fossler

March 29, 2019



Every evening around 5 pm my husband and I go to the pasture and spend time with the herd. 



We hand feed them apple treats, fill their water, throw out new hay and then we sit down and watch.  It is a peaceful, wonderful time for all of us!   


Recently Mr. Fossler was out of town for a long weekend, and I continued this ritual without him - feeding, watering and baby talking the cows. 


I gave them extra treats too because that's just how I roll!  



 When my husband returned from his week-end away we walked up to the pasture to spend time with the herd.  To our amazement  and delight, when they heard his voice the five cattle RAN to the fence to greet him.  They were 'mooing' loudly and pushing each other out of the way to be the cow that was closest to my husband.  This went on  for over 5 minutes!


These amazing animals had missed Mr. Fossler.  They were elated he was back and wanted him to know that they were excited to see him - exactly how our dogs respond when we come back home.


For a brief moment my feelings were hurt - what about me?  I've been the one feeding and giving treats for 4 days - but then I got over it and enjoyed the reunion, because the herd does love Mr. Fossler - and so do I!


Have a wonderful week-end!


xoxo Lady Katherine







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