Sudden impact / airbag / questions...

March 25, 2019


Last week I was in an automobile accident.  


I was in my Suburban, crossing the intersection on a green light when a vehicle appeared in my right peripheral vision.  I slammed on my brakes.  The impact was sudden, my air bag deployed and now I have questions.  


When you suffer a concussion as I did, your brain doesn't work quite right for a while.  It is different for everyone.  I am forgetful, easily confused, have vision issues and cannot access an entire part of my cognitive thought area.  


I also have questions:

  • How can I look just fine physically but be so 'not fine' in my head?

  • Is this how people with traumatic brain injuries feel on a much much larger scale - thinking the same as before the impact but not being able to access parts of yourself, or to communicate?

  • Did the other driver really hit the gas vs. the brake?

  • Is it weird that I am mourning the loss of my vehicle - thanking it for sacrificing it's life for my own?

  • Why was I spared?  Is there a message there- a lesson?  Am I thinking too deeply about it?


 That morning I was annoyed with Mr. Fossler.  I left without saying 'goodbye' to him.  Yikes!  


The accident changed me.  I am not totally sure HOW because it is still unfolding - but my perspective and priorities in certain areas of my life are shifting before my blurry eyes.  


I am excited to see where the journey takes me.

I will be fine in a few weeks and maybe sooner if I take it really easy.


Please drive safe, always say good bye and wear your seat belt.


xoxo Lady Katherine 


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