Wonderful Woman Wednesday: stay sharp girl!

March 20, 2019


Today I am writing about staying 'hip' regarding 

technology -

keep reading!


I just posted in my Instagram account - yes I have an Instagram account and am extremely proud of that!  Just 3 months ago I did NOT have an Instagram account and was intimidated by the very thought.  I'd seen the cute camera icon but never ventured to click it.  Then with my 22 year old son by my side I created an account.  It wasn't hard, but yes it was new - so that was intimidating.  Having a young person by my side guiding me gave the confidence I needed.


What about you?  I know you are on Facebook - but what is your ATTITUDE towards technology in general?  Take this fun, short quiz to see if you are a TECHNOPHOBE.


This is important because technology is how we stay relevant, informed and connected.  Living a happy, engaged life for years to come will require you to stay relevant, informed and connected.  Withdrawing and isolating is dangerous at any age, but during midlife it may be more tempting and the beginning of losing touch.  


I have a challenge for you - try at least two of the following in the next 5 days:

1) If you (like Mr. Fossler & I) are still reading paper newspapers, consider adding an online version to your morning fare, such as the New York Times or Wall Street Journal.  Utilizing an online platform and reading content from a different point of view will keep you sharp


2) Stay aware - when the conversation turns to tech talk do not tune out.  Hang in there and listen and learn.  Ask questions, stay engaged.  You don't have to be the resident expert, just remaining at the table is enough


3) News feeds - yes Twitter - this is a great way to follow # that you are interested in AND add a few that challenge you - topics you feel less informed about.  It is curated content and will keep you sharp


4) Follow the influencers - who are the thought leaders?  I like to do this on LinkedIn where I follow the brightest minds in business and politics.  Like #3 above, the content is sorted and delivered directly to you - a time saving way to stay sharp


In closing, books are of course important to staying sharp and I know many of you read voraciously!  Put a fun, community spin on it by joining Good Reads an online community of

 book lovers that will expand your horizon with suggestions, reviews and encouragement.


Stay relevant and sharp my friends!


xoxo Lady Katherine 

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