You should buy yourself flowers

March 11, 2019


Why?  Simple: you deserve them.


You deserve flowers because it is Monday.  Because you woke up today.  


It does not matter who gave them to you – get over it and buy some flowers for yourself!


There is something very powerful about looking at fresh flowers on your desk, or on your kitchen counter- or where ever -  that give you a feeling of special joy every time you glance their way.


You innately smile when you see them and it's a nice reminder of beauty, fragrance and that spring will be here soon.


Flowers can also remind us that we are appreciated, and one of the people who should appreciate you the most is you.


So celebrate yourself by getting yourself flowers, and while you’re at it, praise yourself, reward yourself, and give yourself a damn break, girl!


You do so much and still you think it's too little. It's about time you give in to one small reminder that you're enough to yourself and to this crazy world we try with every breath to make a footprint in.


You never need someone else to prove how great you are, or to boost your self-esteem. You don't need a boyfriend or husband to get you a bouquet.  All you need is the realization that you

 owe yourself this little guilty pleasure and know that it's perfectly OK to gift yourself on a regular basis.



See you at the florist!

Xoxo Lady Katherine   

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