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March 4, 2019


Accomplishing your daily goals has a place, but the heart has a valid agenda of it's own.  When you can look back on a day and find within it even one warm memory or a single touching story, you've paid attention to your heart.  


There are all sorts of pragmatic, real-world reasons why women today are pushed for time and starved for serenity.  The hours we spend each day at work, in the car, with our partners, with our children and with our hundred and one other commitments can feel as if they added up to well over twenty four!   


However, I believe the REAL reason we are anxious and discontent is that our society asks us to live from our heads, while our instincts insist that we follow our hearts.  I wrote about this in the blog post "do the next logical thing" - and it was a wake up call!


I find that when I can shift into 'heart mode' getting out of 'my head mode' (the to-do list, results oriented, take NO breaks mode) things just flow!  In heart mode I am concerned with nurturing, supporting and empowering life - be it by fixing a healthy meal at home, reaching out to a friend that is having a rough day or rearranging my schedule to accommodate an appointment for my dog at the vet - when I put my heart in charge, it's as if I am going with the tide vs. fighting and swimming against it.


I'm not saying that striving to accomplish your daily goals is a bad thing - but coming alongside that is your heart - with an agenda of it's own. 


Tonight when you are in bed, before falling asleep, think back over the day.  Search for moments of joy, a warm memory or a touching moment.  That is proof you listened to your heart.  Then tomorrow - do it even more and see how your life will change one moment at a time.


On that  note I want to invite you to a fun event for a good cause, where you can bring current friends and meet new friends!  I am hosting a Paint, Sip and Nosh event on Tuesday 3/26 in Hudson.  We will be painting Pepe the flying pig and sipping some suds.  A portion of the proceeds go to OPERATION: when pigs fly.         Click here for details.


Happy Monday!

xoxo Lady Katherine

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