Farmstead Friday: snapshots of joy

March 8, 2019



There are several groupings of items that bring me joy every single time I see them throughout the day. 


These are small areas that reflect my personal style and passions, the flavor of our farm, have deep meaning because they were gifts or special memories.



Snapshot #1 is a collection of bulldog images hanging on my bathroom wall.  This brings me joy because I love bulldogs; we got one image as a gift and the other two during a live auction at a fund raiser for a favorite charity;  my heart warms every time I see this odd collection of art.


Snapshot #2 is also in my bathroom,  It is a lotion (LOVE the smell!), an elephant from my husband's grandmother's travels, and a mason jar of shells I collected with my daughters 20+ years ago in Florida.  An odd collection, but it brings me joy every time I see it.




Snapshot #3 is in my farm kitchen.  The colorful rooster cookie jar has dog treats in it and every time I take the lid off the Bulldogs come running in!  The small chickens are just so colorful, and the breadbox makes me smile every time I see it.  My mother had a breadbox very similar and it causes me to pause and think warmly of her and memories of baking in our kitchen together.  


What are some 'snapshots of joy' you have or can create in your living space?  You probably already have all the pieces you need.  Put them in a spot you will see on a daily basis, revel in the memories and the love they bring to you.  


Wishing you a love filled week-end.     xoxo Lady Katherine


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