OPERATION: When Pigs Fly

March 1, 2019


It's happening -  pigs ARE flying!


FIVE pigs are flying from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Minneapolis where Mr. Fossler, myself and a small group of "pig whisperers' will pick them up and bring them to Pleasant Pasture.



1) Animals are suffering: 400 terrified 'pet pigs' have been turned loose in San Juan and are being hunted, abused and are starving

2) We can support good work that is already happening:  a California non-profit asked us to partner with them.  They are  catching, spaying/neutering and helping with transportation costs

3) The pigs will bring healing for many and bridge cultural divides: having the pigs at Pleasant Pasture will allow us to share with visitors that fact that families in other parts of the world love their pets, that we are NOT that different, and loving our PR pigs can heal them, us and the world!


We are raising money: we need funds for vet checks, transitional diet, permanent housing (they will be in my garage to start out with...), and a portion of the transportation cost.


There are many ways you can help - please consider:


1) Donate $ HERE:  when you donate any amount, you get first dibs at FREE tickets to our Sanctuary open house in June! 



2) Create a fund raising team it's super easy, you get to form a team and the top 3 teams get to name a pig!  If you have a birthday coming up ask people to donate to Pigs Flying in honor of your birthday!


3) SHARE our efforts on Facebook - you can share this post / our website /  the fund raising link /  share this video where I explain why we are doing this and there are clips Mr. Fossler feeding our cows (cuteness warning!)

 4) WISH LIST:  items we need for the pigs: blankets, sheets, comforters, canned pumpkin, potty pads, creamy peanut butter and fig newtons

Drop off sites are: 

Hop & Barrel, Hudson / SFB Bank, River Falls / My Happy Place, Prescott

 I will be sharing updates on our journey and of course photos of the pigs.  I know many of you are inspired by my BLOG. Because I love and respect you I do NOT allow pop ups or ads on this BLOG = no monetary reward for me.  It would mean the world to me if you, as a show of appreciation, would support OPERATION: When Pigs Fly.  




Thank you.   xoxo Lady Katherine 

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