Change your life - send thoughts of love

February 18, 2019


This practice has changed my life. 


I started doing it 3 weeks ago and I cannot fathom the power it holds!  It is a simple twist on gratitude, meditation and prayer - occurring at the place these 3 intersect.


How to "send thoughts of love":


Imagine loved ones in whatever situation they are in at this time - and send them mental hugs or comfort on wings, as if you have an endless supply of angels on standby, awaiting your marching orders.


Send thoughts of love, blessing and peace to people as you go about your day - the stranger in the elevator, your co-workers, the cashier at the store, the homeless person on the street corner.


If you see something that disappoints you, instead of reacting with anger, send a blessing: "be careful brother or sister, I love you."


You don't have to say a single word, the people around you will feel your energy and love.


Send thoughts of love when it's easy - and when it's hard.  When you see things that make you happy and when you see things that make you sad.


To get started right now, send thoughts of love to:

  • 3 people you love

  • 3 people who upset you

  • 3 people you admire or are grateful for

Notice how sending love to others can increase your own inner peace and happiness.


Going forward, once a day or more, practice sending love to someone in need of support.  You can also send love to specific situations, countries in conflict, or the planet as a whole. 

Don't forget to send love to yourself as well!

 Sending you love this day.      xoxo Lady Katherine

Coming Soon:  OPERATION When Pigs Fly, stay tuned!



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