Using questions to connect with loved ones

February 11, 2019


My husband and I are empty-nesters.  I've noticed that we communicate a lot but don't really 'talk'.  I crave conversations that bring us closer and add a richness to our relationship that discussing the weather and our kids cannot.


About a year ago I had an idea - what if we asked each other a thought provoking question each night at dinner, then spent

 a few minutes in satisfying conversation?


I wanted to make it easy and simple.  I found a list of questions online, printed them out, cut them in individual strips and put them in a container on our dinner table.  During dinner one of us pulls a question out and we talk about it.  It is so simple, quick and has now become habitual - it has added a dimension to our interaction I have been craving. 


Now if I don't initiate this little ritual at dinner, my husband will ask - "aren't we going to do the question thingies?"


This practice also gave me the idea to go deeper - a couple's devotional book to add to our

 nightly dinner practice.  This hasn't been a regular practice but we are making it more and more regular.  Reading a Bible verse and faith centered reading together has been powerful.


This is NOT just for couples - it can be used with friends, other family members.  When our adult son comes for dinner we engage him too - he loves it!


If you're interested in trying something like the questions or devotion my advice to you is just do it.  Don't make a big deal out of it.  One night say - oh look what I've got!  Let's answer these fun questions.  Like me, you will be surprised at the interesting doors this can open - directly into your loved one's hearts.

Happy connecting.


xoxo Lady Katherine 



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