Farmstead Friday: the power of flame gazing

February 8, 2019

I LOVE our 1905 farmhouse.  It is sturdy, contains beautiful woodwork, perfect floor plan and the energy of families now gone.  


However, sometimes I really miss having a fireplace.  The farmhouse at one time boasted TWO fire burning mechanisms - one fireplace in the parlor to heat the home and one pot belly stove in the kitchen for cooking.


I do not want to return to cooking on a pot belly stove or heating the farmhouse with a fireplace - but I have an innate yearning to be near a fire this time of the year. 


Can you smell the logs burning, hear the crackle, feel the warmth on your skin and find yourself becoming one with the dancing flames?  


Why is this such a strong, almost primal yearning? 

I did some research and found the 3 top benefits of being in the presence of a fire:

1) It lowers your blood pressure (really!)

2) Promotes social behavior (because we are gathered around a common focus)

3) Releases endorphins increasing positive mood


No wonder we crave the warmth, odor and mesmerizing dance of the flame - it has such positive benefits.  Now get this - I also found that watching a fire on a screen has the same benefits (even though we forego the odor and warmth).  


That provides me the option of watching the 'log fire' channel on television.  I may have to try this out! 


If you have a fireplace or wood burning stove in you home fire it up this week-end.  If not, let's grab that remote and lift our spirits.


xoxo Lady Katherine 



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