The Power of "thank you"

February 6, 2019




Recently I caught a memorable episode of The View. 


Deborah Norville, whom you may recall from her apperances on TODAY and Inside Edition, was promoting her book, "Thank you: Making the Science of Gratitude Work For You."


I was immediately drawn into the conversation by Norville’s obvious passion for her message.


She is no Pollyanna, but rather a woman who has discovered the value of thankfulness and wants everyone to experience the change that can take place when we embrace this philosophy. I was so impressed with the interview I was on Amazon before the show had ended to purchase this book.


In Thank You Power, Norville sets out to use her skills as an investigative reporter to determine if there is any scientific value to “seeing the glass half full.” She states her case solidly and uses the first part of the book to lay the groundwork and share reasons why being thankful is good for your health, relationships and overall quality of life.


Utilizing scientific studies as a guide, the book contains bite size challenges designed to make a big difference in our lives.  For example we are asked to write out (not just say or think) what we are thankful for at least 3 times a week, because the act of writing it out is powerful.  The author helps us get started by suggesting that we think about anything that we found uplifting or brought a smile to our face—then write it down, making note of the people involved and why they are important.  Love this!


I believe that most of us know that being positive is more desirable than being negative, but sometimes we need a little nudge—a reminder for how to actually be thankful. 


The benefits range from being better able to handle traumatic events to solving problems quickly and more accurately. Even the television programs you choose to watch affect your attitudes and actions. While comedy is positive, watching shows where altruism is shown is more likely to cause you to perform good deeds yourself.


The book includes inspiring stories of people who endured horrendous situations and chose not to be defeated. Instead, these people focused on the good things in their lives. After reading some of these stories I started to notice opportunities in my life to exercise Thank You Power.


Yesterday at the grocery check out I caught myself as I was about to utter my usual , robotic "thank you".   But instead, I chose to be sincere in my expression of appreciation by smiling and actually looking the check out woman in the eyes as I said thank you. It felt good to be authentic! This book is a reminder of why these kinds of actions can make a difference.


I can’t think of a better time than now, as we head into a New Year, to read Thank You Power. You might find yourself saying thank you more often.

And don’t be surprised if you end up developing a new habit—one with the power to really change your life!


Have a super Wednesday!

xoxo Lady Katherine 



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