Life Hack Monday: 3 quick ways to get financially fit in 2019

February 4, 2019


This is YOUR year to get your money under control!  Here is how to do it:


1) Reduce your expenses: the quickest, easiest way to make money is to cut expenses! 


The results are immediate and proceeds are tax-free.  Ask service providers (like cable tv, cell phone, etc.) for a discount.  You will be surprised what they will do to keep your loyalty


2) Sell assets: not for everyone, but if selling assets to raise funds to reduce debt fits your situation - do it!


Things of value that are unnecessary in your life or could be replaced at  a later date - selling them could benefit your financial situation.  My favorite ways to do this include CraigsList and local facebook garage sale sites.  Plus I've met some really cool people this way!


3) Record your spending: I always thought this was a waste of time until I did it myself in 2018.


It was surprisingly eye opening and caused me to stop doing silly impulsive purchases after I saw the cumulative effect on my bank balance.  The exercise of recording my spending allowed me to take back control and feel totally responsible


Go get that money back!  

xoxo Katherine



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