Wonderful Woman Wednesday: a woman with heart, Beth DeLa Forest

January 23, 2019



I love sharing the stories of inspiring, local women with you.  Women that are non-assuming, quietly powerful and a force for good.   Women who have interesting histories, have chosen the non-traditional at times and are driven to create positive, lasting change.


Beth is one of these women.  I met Beth 15+ years ago at ToastMasters. I instantly loved her because she wore lipstick as bright as mine and  we were always the only two with stilettos on!


Our paths have crossed serendipitously through the years and most recently this month in Osceola - not a coincidence we both agree.  Enjoy!


Q: Tell us where you grew up, a bit about your upbringing and what you were like as a child?

A: I grew up on 4th Street in Hudson and lived there until I was 11 until we moved far into the country (think gravel road) in River Falls, where I was able to realize my dream of owning horses.

I think my parents felt obligated since I had door knocked as a little kid to raise money to buy a horse (they had no such plans at the time!). 


As a child I was BOSSY, now with my own daughter which seems to be cut from a similar cloth - I call it leadership skills, ha!   I have always had an intense love for animals, an urge to help the disadvantaged, (both 2 legged and 4).  I love to dream and I love business


Q: What did you want to be when you grew up?

A: I always knew I would own a business, since I was little I would plan all sorts of businesses – from libraries to animal rescue.  My most elaborate plans when I was young were surrounding owning a horse farm. I also considered being an equine vet


Q: What are the highlights of your journey into adulthood – pivotal moments, important lessons, discoveries about yourself, the world and others?

A: Upon graduating High School I had NO clue what I wanted to do so I decided to take a year and go into Youth With A Mission (YWAM).At 18 I moved to Los Angeles (from a gravel road = culture shock) and worked with kids in gang territories doing a mobile Sunday School Program, followed by another 3 months working in the “flavellas” (slums) of Brazil in an AIDS Orphanage and with street children. 


It was life altering. Hand washing clothes and hanging to dry (in the rainy reason didn’t work so well), cold showers and questionable food often times taught me gratitude in a whole new way.  My world and life perspective were altered during this time, I think it’s helped me a lot with perspective now. 


I moved back and on my own in the Twin Cities when I was 19.  I have always been the “do it myself” kind-of-girl so I worked a few jobs and went to school.  At 20 I started working in insurance – which started me on the path that lead me to where I am today.


When I was 23 I brought my heart-dog home…Brea was a American Staffordshire Terrier (pit bull).  This soon became a passionate endeavor as I had no idea that pit bulls had a ‘bad rap” and you better believe that hit the passion in me to advocate.  I spent from 2003 to 2011 in Pit Bull and Rottweiler Rescue in Minnesota. I am one of the founders of A Rotta Love Plus


During that time I saved hundreds, became active in legislation and started various programs to create education and resources for the community.Rescue and advocacy is still close to my heart and I was able to find a way to combine my passion for Rescue and Advocacy with my Insurance Career!


Q: Do you have any morning/evening rituals that you practice regularly – and why?

A:  YES!  Monday - Friday:

- Yoga or Barre 5:30am to 6:16

- Journaling, Quiet Time and Darren Daily 6:30 to 7:15

- Kids up, shower and ready 7:15 to 8am

- 8am off to the races!


Q: What is your current calling and how are you aligning with it?

A: At this present time I feel like my calling is to always be growing so I am able to have the biggest impact I can.I impact my business in setting an example and leading my team so I want to be at my best for them and so the business can grow.


At home, I want to be my best for my family. I want to set a good example for my children and keep our home functioning healthily. Both of these are reasons for my morning ritual


Q:What do you do professionally?

A: I own an Independent Insurance Agency, Aspire Insurance Group. We have a special niche in Dogs for personal insurance, but we do all personal and business type of insurance. I am really passionate about being an Independent Insurance Agency as I believe we are in a unique position to offer high quality coverage for families and businesses yet we can shop companies. Being Independent and having options for our clients makes be believe we are in a helping profession – which is how we approach what we do!


Q: What are you most proud of so far in your life?

A: I would have to say my Children. They are sure turning out to be pretty amazing humans!

I am also proud of my business, I have built from scratch and it’s like a 3rd kid to me


Q: What do you want your legacy to be?

A: I would say raising children who grow to be change makers and that DogGoneInsurance.com facilitates keeping many dogs united with their families!


Q: What else do you want us to know?

A:  Currently live with my husband, Adam, and two kiddos Chloe and Evan in the country in St Joseph Township


You can reach Beth at: 715-781-8271, 651-760-8369 or beth@aspireinsurancegroup.com


Thank you Beth for being vulnerable and inspiring us today.  Happy Wednesday all

xoxo Lady Katherine 










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