3 books you HAVE to read this year

January 21, 2019

Can you believe we are already three weeks into 2019? 



Statistically this means that most people (90%) have broken and forgotten their New Year resolutions.   


That's okay because we can still find tremendous opportunity by leveraging this time of the year with it's  post-holiday, post-stress, post-busyness - to create new habits/paradigms that will make this year better than the last.  


So the good news is that even if your resolutions are history, the season isn’t, and it is in this spirit, I offer you the three books I’m most excited about for their capacity to help all of us make change for the better:


Book #1) Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield   

Turning Pro is about growing up, showingup, and forever giving up the excuses and rationalizations that keep you an amateur (both professionally and otherwise). 


It is written for writers and artists, but the advice is applicable to just about everyone, in whatever area of life you’re playing too small



Book #2) Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins 

I just finished this book and it has changed the way I look at  everyday challenges and how I am holding myself accountable.  

The author is an ex-Navy SEAL, one of those military dudes you just don’t want to mess with. 


But when you learn about where Goggins comes from and how he grew up and you realize he wasn’t born superhuman - he decided to be this way, and he still decides to choose discomfort and growth over what’s easy — every single day. 

If you only read one of these books choose this one!



Book #3) Little Book of Talent by David Coyle

One of the most inspiring lessons I’ve ever learned is that talent isn’t an accident.  In reality, most people who are truly great in their fields are that way not because they were born with it, but because they worked hard. 


Our culture wants us to be believe that the outstanding performers we admire were born with the gift - because that lets us off the hook: We weren’t born with anything special, so it’s not our fault.


But when you come to believe that with hard work and lots of it — real, deliberate practice, for thousands of hours — mastery of anything is possible, suddenly you have a lot of choices.


Daniel Coyle wrote a long book, called the Talent Code, about this idea, where he shared the best practices he learned by studying talent hotbeds around the world. The Little Book of Talent is a distillation of that advice into 52 short directives — things like “shrink the practice space” and “buy a notebook” — to help you engineer your practice routines for success.  Good stuff!


Happy reading!


xoxo Lady Katherine




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