Wonderful Woman Wednesday: meet my amazing sister in law!

January 16, 2019


I was born an only child.  Through my brother-in-law's marriage I have a sister! 

I could not have chosen a more perfect sister if I had tried.


Please meet Dawn Fossler(in the photo she is 2nd from R):  spirited, fun loving, tender hearted and loving to all, realtor extraordinaire and a most creative woman.


I am so excited to share this interview with you as I know you will see yourself in Dawn and be moved/challenged by her vulnerability and faith - as I was.  Enjoy!


Q:  Tell us where you grew up, a bit about your upbringing and what you were like as a child?

A: I grew up in North St Paul, MN.  My parents were hard working, very supportive and extremely involved in our upbringing.  Both were very civic minded-- volunteering at church, on the local fire department and leading our scouting troops.  I was the oldest child, and had many hard and fast rules to live by---my dad was strict and not interested in bending the rules.  That being said, in my life today, if there is a rule, I am most likely to be the one to follow it to the letter of the law. Being the oldest child, I grew up an over-achiever, a people pleaser and a peacemaker.  My younger siblings were both spitfires in their own different way…sort of like oil and water.  I often was instructed by mom and dad to sit in-between them in the car so they would quit hitting each other, to go tell them the to pipe down, or to go be the arbitrator and solve one of their disagreements.  As a teenager I was involved in loads of activities:  swim team, band, choir, church and volunteering.  I was blessed with a lot of close friends…many that are among my closest friends yet today.  My parents taught me, by example, the value of hard work, the importance of keeping your word, being honest, and how to always look out for the “under-dog”. Another important gift they gave me was learning to be resilient in times of difficulty


Q:  What did you want to be when you grew up?   

A:  At first, as a young child, I wanted to live on a farm….I have always had a soft spot for animals.  Once I learned that farm animals don’t stay “living on the farm” their whole life long, and that farmers have to say goodbye to their animals, that childhood plan of mine went out the door.  Then, as a teen, I went through a phase where I wanted to be a counselor or psychologist


Q: What are the highlights of your journey into adulthood – pivotal moments, important lessons, discoveries about yourself, the world and others? 

A: The highlights of my life have always been the amazing  people that have been placed in my life  --some for a short time and some long.  One of my biggest blessings in my life is the man I am married to, Mark Fossler—he believes in me, supports me and loves me.  As for pivotal moments, four stand out.  First, I was struck with a weird sense of devastation and relief when my parents divorced in the 1980’s—I was around 20.  On one hand, I felt like the rug of everything I had learned growing up had been pulled out from under me.  On the other hand, I was relieved that my parents had the opportunity to turn the page to a happier life.   From this experience, I learned the importance of resilience and embracing change.   Second, the birth of my daughter in 1993 was a life game changer!  Never had I ever thought I could love someone so much.  With her birth, came the forever of having to deal with the vulnerability of loving someone so much and wanting to protect them, but yet  having to teach her all she needed to know so I could let fly on her own.  Third, In 2007, after a long illness, lots of ups and downs and uncontrollable circumstances, my former husband took his own life.  I could write a book about that chapter of my life, but suffice to say, it was life changing, and beyond challenging.  I learned that even in the darkest of days, I can trust and know that I can get through it with help from others, and God, and that there is a silver lining…blessings will come, times will get better and life will take on new meaning.  This I know and will know always.  Fourth, I had a heart attack in 2012—48 years old.  I had an unknown birth defect in my heart.  What I learned…it wasn’t my time to go, I have more work here.   My husband, Mark, is amazing; he saved my life and nurtured me back to health.  Lastly, everyone should have aspirin in the house and on your person.  We had one aspirin (yes 1) and my husband had me chew it up and put it under my tongue.  The heart surgeon said that one aspirin probably saved my life!


Q:  Do you have any morning/evening rituals that you practice regularly – and why? 

A:  My morning ritual starts with Coffee!  Black!  Then most days, specifically Mon-Fri, I sit in my favorite chair, with my dogs Tala and  Daisy Mae at my feet and read a couple daily devotionals, the bible and then I pray.  I am a Christian, and getting my focus on the Father, Son and Holy Spirit  is super important.  Doing so, helps get me focused and grounded for the day ahead.  Another ritual we have involves our passion to ride motorcycles.  Every Sunday, weather permitting, we ride,  usually with our dear friends and family.  We try to take one long trip each year.  Being out in nature, seeing the beautiful landscape of the country, smelling all the incredible changes of the seasons, and feeling the wind, along with the company of other, is very spiritual…very grounding


Q:  What is your current calling and how are you aligning with it?

A:  My current calling involves being a loving and supportive wife, mother and daughter. I am  a woman that cares about the people that God has placed in my life….friends, family, real estate clients and strangers.    By choosing who I spend my time with, and how I spend my time, insures that I stay aligned with my calling


Q: What do you do professionally?    

A:  I help clients buy and sell homes in MN and WI….I am a Realtor with Re/Max Results.  I have been in the real estate industry for 20 years.  I love working with buyers and sellers in all different stages of their life-- from the first time homebuyer to the senior that is downsizing, to the family that is dealing with the estate of a loved one they have just lost.   To me, being a Realtor is way more than just helping people buy and sell homes. It is a honor to be invited into the lives of people and families and asked to be a resource for them.  It is an honor having people trust me to get the job done.   It is a gift  to witness all the ups and downs that go hand-in-hand with saying hello or goodbye to a home


Q:  What is the one thing you are most proud of so far in your life?  

A: Being a good mother


Q:  What do you want your legacy to be?  

A: I look at my Grandma Agnes’ life and legacy, and that is what I want mine to be.  I want my children, nieces, nephews, friends and family to be somehow bettered in their life because they knew me—maybe they become a Christian because they witnessed my relationship with Christ, maybe they love a little more or encourage a little more or help a little more, because they saw me doing it.  The Bible says that faith without works is dead  (James 2:26).  I want to live by example



Q: What else do you want us to know?

A:   My life verse from the Bible.   Proverbs 3: 5-6:  Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path


Reach out to Dawn at:

Dawn Fossler (formerly Farrington)
Cell: 651-983-7166


Thank you Dawn.

xoxo Lady Katherine










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