Farmstead Friday: the rescues are coming!

January 25, 2019


One morning, just three weeks ago as I was coming downstairs  I heard Mr. Fossler's big voice booming into the phone "I need the fence post holes dug asap - we have rescues coming."


Tears ran down my face. 


For over 3 years I have been driven - obsessed - haunted - by an energy outside of myself to create a place where wonderful connections take place.  


People connecting with nature, with themselves, with other people and with farm animals.

A place for adults, children and senior citizens, where we ALL learn from the animals.  


And here we are - Pleasant Pasture Farm Animal Sanctuary and Education Center is now home to FIVE cattle! 


On our website you can learn their names, where they came from and see more pictures!


We can't do this alone, and we invite you to come alongside us on this adventure by following us on FaceBook and Instagram.


Important Milestones:

March 2019: Private Events begin for donors

April 2019: Education Programs open for registration

May 2019: Grand Opening for the public


Our non-profit 501(c)3 status in the works - the Government shutdown has delayed it.  Hopefully very soon you will be able to support the animals with gifts of love - being the change you want to see in the world! 


We are working on a 'cow cam' for a small subscription cost you can watch these creatures when ever you want.  We will also have a sponsorship program and memberships.  


It is an exciting time, and this one quote has kept me focused, driven and hopeful:


You want what you want because you know it’s possible. 

If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t want it. 

This is powerful. 

Embrace it. 

For whatever else you believe or don’t believe, this belief alone can take you the distance   -unknown


What is YOUR dream?  You have everything you need - right now - to make it a reality. 

This is YOUR time - go get it!


xoxo Lady Katherine 




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