Conduct a powerful review of 2018

December 31, 2018


Maybe your 2018 was shiny, bright, and amazing.  Maybe it was 12 months you’d rather forget.


With the New Year greeting us tomorrow -  regardless of how this one went, reflecting can be helpful—and not in a ‘learn from your mistakes’ sort of way.


Looking back on the year is not about beating yourself up and seeing what you need to do better.  It is about rejoicing.


We tend to spend a lot of time and attention watering the weeds - then we’re growing the weeds.  A year end review is the perfect moment to water the flowers and pay attention to the positive!


In other words, as you think about the past year, if negative thoughts start to creep in, it’s okay to sit with them for a moment, but then bring your attention back to the positive.



My favorite year end practice: the month by month review

1. Grab your journal and find a quiet place


2. Deep dive into 2018 month by month:

For each month, write down at least one thing that brought you joy, that lifted your heart.

You may need to use your calendar to refresh your memory.

Nothing is too small or too big.  For example - a summer weekend outdoors, the time your boss complimented your work, your birthday, trying a new workout class that you loved, or a friend’s wedding


3. Name what you are grateful for:

To further honor and embrace 2018, think about what you are grateful for.

It could be something in your work, at home, in nature.  Or it could be an aspect of your body or daily practice.  You could delight in your hearing and all the great music you get to listen to, or the use of your legs and the long walks you've taken


4. Bring it into 2019 in a powerful way:

For the New Year add this to your morning routine.  Every morning,  think about what is on your plate for the day.  What are you tackling? What qualities do you need to cultivate to accomplish everything in a manner you will be proud of? 


Then in the evening, reflect on your day. Did you accomplish what you wanted? If so, be happy about it.  If  not - remember tomorrow is a beautiful new day.


By making reflection a daily practice you will be more present moment by moment, enhancing the 365 brand new opportunities you will receive beginning tomorrow!


Happy 2019 my friends.


xoxo Lady Katherine 


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