4 simple strategies to inner peace

December 24, 2018


I'm sure you have been feeling it over the last week - an energy of 'frantic' and 'fear'. 


I've felt it at the grocery store, retailers, even driving home from work.  It seems to permeate the air everywhere!  If you are an empath (take the quiz here to find out) the feelings can be even more intense and overwhelming.  


The good news it will be over soon, the bad news is you still have to get through today and  tomorrow. 


I want to share 4 strategies to help you maintain internal calm and peace:


1) Stay highly attentive to what you are feeling.  Check in frequently with your emotions and give them names.  Are you feeling fearful, sad, anxious, etc.  Name the feeling, thank the feeling for being concerned for you and let it go - release it


2) Tune in to your breathing.  When we are anxious we breathe short, shallow, chest breaths.   If you notice you are doing this, consciously move the breath lower to your abdomen and count 6 in, hold for 4, 6 out.  This will slow your heart rate, pull you back to the present and put you in control


3) Observe.  Look around and really SEE the beauty around you.  Smell the wonderful odors, feel the warmth or the soft clothes on your body and listen to the sounds in your environment.  Picture yourself leaving your physical body and finding a spot on the ceiling to just watch.  You may see yourself from above, and tune in to the emotions this exercise brings up


4) Read our Thanksgiving post about consciously choosing how you want to show up.  This is a very powerful practice that can be life changing and will bring peace to you regardless of circumstances


A Blessed Christmas to all, and if you over indulge today, here is a link to our "Day After Detox" that will get you back on track fast, especially if you get the amazing tea (a game changer!) - trust me on this one!


xoxo Lady Katherine 

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