YOU get to choose

December 19, 2018


Christmas is less than a week away.  For the last few weeks I have been hearing people say "I'm so overwhelmed" "I am so rushed" "I have too much to do". 


You are hearing it too and perhaps like me, you are also saying it!


Then I read this in a psychology magazine and it made me stop and pause:

Today don’t think or say, "I’m tired," "I’m hurt," "I’m angry." Don’t even think or say, "I’m happy."


Instead, think and say, "I’ve chosen to be tired, hurt, angry." Or better still, "I’m choosing to be happy."


You don’t get “hit” by feelings, you feel them based on your perceptions, and you perceive based on your beliefs, and you believe as you choose.


Wow - I get to CHOOSE what I can you!


I hope you find this as liberating as I have.  Choose wisely my friends and enjoy!


xoxo Lady Katherine 

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