Life Hack Monday: easy holiday decoration

December 3, 2018


When we moved to the farm last December I had to make some hard decisions about what came with and what did not.  I had four 'antique' watering cans that were my grandmother's. 


They were rusted out = not functional anymore.  However they had that intangible thing called sentimental value, which meant I spent more time than I should have thinking about what to do with them!


I did decide to move them to the farm.  I am so glad I did!  This fall I used them as accent pieces on the porch, setting them near the fall mums.  Right now they are flanking my entry door, filled with pine branches and red berries.  They look beautiful!


The best part about it is that everytime I go in the house I think of my grandmother.  Sometimes I even picture her looking at them smiling or sending me loving thoughts as I walk by the watering cans.


Having a part of the past, a piece of someone dear to us nearby on a daily basis helps keep us grounded and connected to the way things used to be.  It can also give us a sense of well being and love.


I wonder what items you have from the past.  Maybe in a box or quiet corner of your home that you could bring into the light - add some simple holiday cheer and enjoy in a new, meaningful way?


It really doesn't take much, does it.  Happy Monday!

xoxo Katherine 



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