Farm Animal Sanctuary - WHY?

November 28, 2018

I was six when I first feel in love.  Crazy.  Madly.  Deeply.   


Bingo was a handsome, brown eyed terrier mix - stole my heart!  This life changing relationship had an epic impact that still affects me every day. 


My deep connection to Bingo brought me more than companionship.  It brought me joy and laughter.  It brought out my playful, silly side.  Bingo listened when humans would not or I did not feel safe sharing my feelings with humans.  Touching Bingo's soft, warm fur was comforting, calming, healing.  Bingo was a powerful force that shaped me into who I am today - more specifically - Bingo allowed me to discover and develop the best qualities of who I am today.  I am forever grateful.  

I hope that each of you have had the opportunity to develop yourself more fully with the assistance of an animal - empathy, patience, compassion - beautiful gifts from the furry ones.


Spring 2019 Mr. Fossler and I will open Pleasant Pasture.  A Farm Animal Sanctuary and Education Center in New Richmond, WI.  

WHY?  In a nutshell, we want everyone to have the opportunity to connect with animals for the positive benefits experienced by humans and non humans.  I was going to call it a Connection Center but opted for Education Center (less weird?).


 Why Farm Animals?  When I talk with people my age and the age of our parents, many of them fondly recall growing up on a farm - or - going to a relative's farm.  They speak of relationships  with farm animals - how clever, loving and healing the farm animals are.   They miss this connection.  Then we have children and youth.  Many have not had the chance yet to hug a cow, pet a pig or feed a goat.  


 How empowering it will be for children to practice their reading skills with a rabbit.  How healing it will be for troubled youth to lead the cows to the barn for dinner.  What about getting married with a goat as ring bearer?  (not a for sure yet...) but you get the idea!  


That is my WHY.  I will be distributing a survey about your prefered connection and activity with the animals at Pleasant Pasture.  I hope you let us know your thoughts.  This is for you!


xoxo Lady Katherine 

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