Start preparing for Thanksgiving NOW

November 19, 2018


It is the beginning of Thanksgiving week, and I want you to consider setting the stage NOW for a fulfilling, memory making and satisfying day this Thursday. 


This is not about tasty food or setting a beautiful table.  This is about the most important part of the upcoming Holiday - the connection you have with the wonderful people around your table.


I am talking about intentionally preparing both mentally and emotionally for an experience where you can be a blessing to those you encounter and feel satisfied an enriched afterward.   


What can you do to ensure that the time you spend with loved ones is meaningful and contributes to a positive legacy?  Easy!  


I'm going to ask you to consider using the power of visualization and preparation.  First let's think of ideally how you would like to 'show up' at your Holiday.  What are three words to describe the version of your best self that would show up?  For me it is attentive, patient, inquisitive.  


This means in all my interactions on Thursday, I will be present and focused on the individual I am interacting with, not allowing myself to become distracted.   I will be as patient as humanly possible.  To do this I know I must calm myself from the inside and take deliberate, deep breaths so my body remains calm. 


Lastly, I will be inquisitive - asking questions of others, more interested in listening than in talking.  I will think ahead of time of questions I can ask – what do I not yet know about this person, gaps in their personal history/story that I would like to fill in?  What are they looking forward to, favorite holiday memories, hopes, dreams and aspirations?


When you have your own three words, picture in your mind each person you will see at Thanksgiving.  Visualize yourself interacting with them in the manner your three words dictate.  Watch yourself as in a movie, being kind, patient, loving (insert your words).  While you are playing this 'mental movie' FEEL the emotions of being with this person, acting in this desired manner.  Hold onto the feelings as long as you can.


That's it!  Repeat this exercise as least once a day until the big day arrives, and then enjoy!


On Wednesday I will have tips for detoxing and getting your system/life back to normal as quickly as possible.  If you have a tendency to ‘let go’ on Thanksgiving you will want to read the Wednesday post. 


xoxo Lady Katherine

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