Farmstead Friday: one moment in time

November 16, 2018


Yesterday afternoon it was unseasonably - wonderfully! - warm for mid-November. 


My last meeting of the day ended early and I headed home to the farm, excited that I would be able to take the dogs for a walk while it was still light out - something that hasn't happened since Daylight Savings Time a few weeks ago.  We have been night walkers with flashlights and headlamps.


Willy and Junior were delighted, romping through the grass, getting up close and personal with nature as you can see in the video!


As I watched the dogs enjoying the present moment, 100% immersed in pure joy - I calmed my mind and focused on joining them in the experience we were sharing.  I shut my eyes and listened....felt the breeze and warm sun on my skin...breathed in the fresh autumn air....connected throughout my being with the energy of the dogs, the field, the earth, the wind.  


It was a total immersion, a powerful moment that engaged every cell in my body and beyond.


Since that time, less than 24 hours ago I have been summoning that moment, that feeling into my present space, allowing the magic to enfold me.


Today I encourage you to find a moment to be fully present and immersed in all the energy around you.  Every moment of every day is a viable candidate for this.  Imagine if we did this enough daily, that EVERY moment found us 100% present, engaged, joyful, connected - it gives me goosebumps!


My next two pre-holiday posts will focus on preparing for the time we will be spending with loved ones on Thanksgiving.  How we can be prepared to be fully present, loving and a blessing. 


Today's exercise is a wonderful place to start.



xoxo Lady Katherine 


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