"Dog Tags" past and present

November 12, 2018


My dad died in 1991 at age 59.  He was a carpenter and developed lung cancer from working with asbestos and other dangerous materials. 


One of the few material possessions I have of his is his Army dog tag .  Funny but not funny is the fact his name is spelled wrong!  Our last name is Buchholz, and his tag reads: Buchhoz.  


Like many veterans, dad never talked about his time in the army.  It wasn't until after my mom died 18 years later and I inherited my dad's photos and slides that I even knew he was stationed  in France and Germany.  Going through the slides and photos I saw my dad in uniform; in formation with his unit; holding his army issued weapon and inside a tent.  I have his discharge papers and letters he wrote to my mother while they were separated.


I am reminded of the richness of each person's life.  Of the things we experience and the pain we bear - alone.  By choice and by circumstance.  



My son got his Army dog tags in June 2018 and is currently at an Army Base continuing his training.  His name is spelled correctly on his tags, and in the next year or so tags will include a microchip with medical history and more.


My father and son never had the chance to meet - they missed each other on this earth by 5 years.  However, they share a love of photography, guns and the Army.  I am proud to be associated with them both and proud to be an American.




xoxo Lady Katherine 



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