3 tips to make it a Happy Halloween for your furry friends

October 31, 2018


Happy Halloween!  Last year Americans spent $440 million on dog and cat costumes - yikes!


Halloween is a fun, tradition filled holiday.  However, there are a variety of things that can go wrong and turn dangerous on this day. 


Here are 3 tips I found useful to prevent pet disasters!


1) Candy - keep it away from pets!  Especially candy with chocolate or xylitol.   Chocolate contains theobromine that can make a dog's heart race, resulting in illness or death


Xylitol can cause a life-threatening drop in your dog's blood sugar.  It is found in gum and mints


2) Bolters - the door will be opening/closing a lot,  and if your cat or dog is an escape artist


consider putting them in their kennel - or - sitting outside (keep pets inside) to hand out candy


3) Costumes - don't put masks on your pets face or drape fabric over their head - they get scared when


they can't see what's around them. 


Also, don't cover their privates!  They may need to 'go' and the costume will be short lived 


Have a Happy Halloween!


xoxo Lady Katherine 

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