Life Hack Monday: fridge photo collage

October 29, 2018


Good Morning - happy Monday!


I have a very random life hack* for you today - one that I really really like!


I like to display photos on my refrigerator.  I use whatever random magnets I have collected over the years and it looks cute at first then it looks messy and gets on my nerves!


A friend of mine uses magnetic business cards you get from utilities, insurance agents, etc. to fix this problem.  What she does is cut the magnetic business cards in thin, 1/4" strips so she can use them as a narrow frame around her photos.  


She has a collage of photos on her fridge right now that is very visually appealing and organized so you can actually enjoy the photos vs. wondering why there is a sand dollar magnet on the refrigerator door!


I can't wait to try it.


*Life Hack: a creative way to save time or money, and that makes you smile!


Have a great week.


xoxo Lady Katherine 

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