Farmstead Friday: and there shall be pigs!

October 26, 2018


Last week Mr. Fossler and I were at Best Friend's Animal Society in Kanab Utah.  We spent 40 hours in the classroom, with 23 other like minded people from around the world learning the basics of starting and running a successful animal sanctuary.  


When it comes to our sanctuary - Pleasant Pasture - one of the things my husband and I do not agree on is - pigs.  I am very set on including them in our animal mix -  and he is not.  


That is until we worked in Piggy Paradise at Best Friend's and Miss Twinkles worked her magic.



Miss Twinkles is an 8 year old pot belly pig that took a liking to my husband. 


In the photo she is backing up to him for a butt scratch. 


Shortly after that she rolled onto her side so he could rub her belly.  


The video shows Miss Twinkles being coaxed back to her pen by my husband.  We actually took the pigs for a walk using almonds as an incentive.


The pigs were the highlight of our week - for BOTH of us (oh and Miss Twinkles too!)


Happy weekend!


xoxo Lady Katherine 

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