Life Hack Monday: less messy trash

October 15, 2018


Over the weekend I cleaned out the refrigerator.  The super old olives (unbeknownst to me)  had a loose cap on them - olive juice went everywhere  when I tossed them in the trash.  When I  took out the trash it was a disgusting wet mess with olive juice and who knows what slishing on the bottom.  I am so glad I didn't have a cheap trash bag in - things would have been much worse.


Then I remembered something my mother used to do.  Right after putting a new trash bag in the kitchen trash she put a section of newspaper on the bottom.   The newspaper absorbed messy wetness and minimized the likelihood of a leaking disaster.


I am going to start practicing this little habit today and wanted to pass it along to you as well.


That's what Life Hacks are - anything that makes life easier, more affordable or less messy!


Happy Monday.


xoxo Lady Katherine 


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