Finish the year strong

October 1, 2018


Happy October!  It is a new month bringing new opportunity and a totally fresh start!


It is also fall - you can feel the energy of the new season cheering us forward, urging us to finish the year strong.  


What a perfect time to revisit your hopes, dreams and plans for 2018.   Let 2018 be a year we remember with joy as a time of clarity, strength and love.  Regardless of what has happened the last 9 months you can still do this.


Right now, let’s commit to making a fresh start filled with endless possibilities and MAGIC!


It will require clarity and focus, and guiding word - a word for the last quarter of 2018.


Every new year I choose a ‘word’ I want to embody in my experience for the year - my 'theme' for the year.  It has proven to be more powerful for me than making resolutions – to change you need clarity and focus - and this practice is beautifully simple.


So, let’s choose a word for the last 3 months of the year.


To help here is how I have chosen words in the past:


  • The year I was dealing with divorce and custody issues my word was ‘unity’ 

  • The year I took off between selling my business and returning to the workforce my word was ‘yes’ ie: say YES to life and adventure!

  •  At the beginning of this year I chose ‘passion’ – I really like everything going on in my life and worked very diligently in 2017 to get where I am, so in 2018 I want to infuse what I already have with more passion!


Choosing a word is a powerful way to set your intentions and theme for 4th quarter 2018, get back on track and finish strong.


 Here are some ideas to get you started:

Abundant / athletic / authentic / balanced / bliss / consistent / creative / depth / devout / enlightened / fit / forgiving / free / free-spirited / giving / gracious / grateful / happy / healthy / honest / journey / joyful / focused / loving / mindful / open / passion / peaceful / resilient sassy / savvy / sexy / playful / spiritual / smart / strong/ tenacious / truth / unstoppable / vibrant / whole / complete

This is not a complete list of words – just some inspiration to get you started on choosing YOUR word.    Need more inspiration?  Click here.  


Final word of advice - trust your intuition on this one - you've got it!


xoxo Lady Katherine

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