Bulldog Friday: up close and personal with Junior

September 28, 2018



Junior is a 4 year-old English Bulldog.  He weighs 78 pounds and likes his butt scratched.  In the background you can see his nephew Willy.


Favorite activities: 


·        Going for car rides, even though I get really nervous and start shaking and drooling in anticipation - I really do like rides!  I need to use a ramp to get into my mom's car because she can't lift me, but she doesn't mind

·        I also like eating.  Interesting fact - I am a vegan.  I had a lot of 'digestive issues' and my mom tried a lot of different foods on me.  It turns out vegetables are my thing!  I haven't lost any weight being a vegan but I feel so much better, my coat is super shiny and I run around like I’m a little puppy again.  I like that

·        Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping.  I LOVE to take naps.  I've been told that I snore really loudly and pass gas when I am asleep but that doesn't wake me up!


Favorite food:

·        Super Chunk peanut butter!


 Best known quote:

·        "the cat did it"


Have a nice Friday, high paws,



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