Changing the radio station

September 26, 2018


When I am in the car I rarely listen to music.  I prefer silence, audiobooks or podcasts.  


However, this morning on the way to work, on a whim, I tuned in to KTIS our local Christian Station.  Ever since I have been meditating regularly (eco meditation) I have been having frequent, serendipitous experiences.  Today was not an exception!   


The second song to play was "Praise you in this storm"  by the artist Casting Crowns.  I have never heard this song before, but this morning it  was exactly what I needed to hear.  


The funny thing is I didn't KNOW I needed to hear it.  Personally, things have been super busy, super stressful, often frustrating for me lately - but I thought I was handling it all fine.  That was until this song came on and listening to the lyrics I had a mini meltdown in my car.  Yikes!


Do you ever think you're doing fine - you recognize life is a bit more difficult than usual and you may be 'going through' something, but you still feel in control and like you've got it? 


If so, I  encourage you to take a deeper look.  To keep moving forward every day we may be glossing over things we should not be glossing over and then when God has had enough of us trying to do everything on our own he sends us a song to wake us up.  


The reminder I needed today was:

  • even when things are rough Be Thankful

  • I am never walking alone 


I encourage you to recognize the serendipitous happenings in your life and pay attention.  They are not random nor an accident - they are powerful and have the ability to redirect your attention, thoughts and path in a very positive manner.  


Today please honor yourself, your intuition and your unique gift in the world - you have the ability to change the radio station, redirect your attention, shift your focus and emotions any time you want!


xoxo Lady Katherine 



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