Life Hack Monday: magic laundry basket

September 17, 2018


Last Monday I revealed "4 ingenious uses" for used dryer sheets.   Many of you absolutely loved these ideas.


Today I am sharing how a laundry basket can be pure magic! 


Picture this - you get home from work and you're tired, the house is messy.  Not hard to imagine I know, since it's pretty much a nightly occurrence.  However this particular evening your in-laws (friends, parents, etc.) call and say they are stopping by for a visit.


You look around your home.  Ugh, every flat surface has something on it.  Your sink is full of dirty dishes and the dishwasher full of clean dishes.  There are clothes on the floor - everywhere. 


No need to panic - grab a laundry basket or three and get busy filling them up.  You can put these things away when your guests are gone, at your leisure and still feel good about how your home looks with the baskets stacked in a closet.  It is so quick and easy!


We have out of town guests arriving on Thursday.  There is a dresser in the guest room, but it is full of our winter things.  I really want my friends to be able to use the drawers.  Yes, laundry baskets to the rescue again!


I am not going to use ALL of our Christmas decorations this year as the farmhouse is much different than the home we moved from.  Instead of dragging all the boxes of Christmas things upstairs, using a few from each box and dragging boxes down again - you guessed it - laundry basket!


Yes the lowly laundry basket is magical indeed.  It is light, has handles, you can see what is in it and they are not expensive.  All of the pre-requisites for an awesome Life Hack.


Grab your baskets and let's get after it!


xoxo Lady Katherine 





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