Wonderful Woman Wednesday: your author Katherine Fossler shares the first of 6 personal revelations

September 12, 2018



It feels odd writing about myself.  I am only doing this because so many of you are curious, asking questions - and I believe sharing this will bring us closer, build trust and empower greater good for all.  


You can read my generic bio here for background before going on to the specifics below.   


Most pressing questions I hear are:


1) Are you THE Lady Katherine?:   
Yes.  In 2009 I opened Lady Katherine Women's Fitness with a Touch of Sass, a fitness and wellness studio located in Hudson, WI. 


My vision was this - help women love and accept themselves where they are at - no matter what they look like.  Then they will go home to their families, communities and workplaces, radiating love and acceptance, ultimately making the world a more compassionate place.  


I taught myself to pole dance at age 49. I have also competed in the sport, and the attached video is an audition submission.    


For me pole dancing is about self expression - it has nothing to do with entertaining men - nothing.   In fact, I have only danced for my husband twice, and that was to have him video a competition submission.  It is the most challenging workout I have ever done, yet the time flies by when dancing because it is so engrossing.  


I was the first to introduce this type of fitness in the St. Croix Valley.  I opened a second location near Mall of America in 2010.


My staff and I taught many modalities of fitness including the very popular Pole Dance for Fitness, and hosted hundreds of pole dance bachelorette parties for women from as far away as Canada.  I also hosted pole dance celebrities from around the country to bring their personal style and instruction to our local poling community.  


After 5 years of building a strong brand I sold the business.  It is still in operation under a different name with a different vision.  


Even though I no longer own the business, I will always be Lady Katherine :)  


In the coming weeks I will answer more of your questions.


Future Wonderful Woman Wednesdays will answer these questions:

2) What is your other 'side hustle'

3) What is Pleasant Pasture and when do I get to kiss a real cow?????

4) Who is that sexy Mr. Fossler?

5) Why are you so driven and how do you maintain all of that?

6) Where do you get the ideas and content for your blog Your Epic Life?


I hope this was helpful for you to understand me better.

xoxo Lady Katherine 

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