Life Hack Monday: 4 ingenious uses of the humble dryer sheet

September 10, 2018


A 'life hack' is something that makes your life easier, more enjoyable or saves you time/money.  

I love hacks and share them with you periodically via Life Hack Monday.  Enjoy!


The humble dryer sheet, aka fabric softener dryer sheets has hidden talents.  I am going to share 4 of them with you, 2 pre-dryer use and 2 post-dryer use.


Pre-dryer use:

1) Last week-end it was move in day at the dorms.  It has been cool out so no issues with dorm room odors - yet.  However I hear it is going to warm up this week and dorm rooms may get a bit stuffy and a bit smelly.  Tape an unused dryer sheet over the air conditioner vent and enjoy fresh air!


2) When we packed up our house to move to the farm we rented a semi trailer to store items.  My husband used two packs of dryer sheets to keep things fresh and mold free by placing a sheet in each box before sealing and then strewing dryer sheets around the trailer before it was sealed.  We opened and unpacked the trailer last week-end after 4 months of the contents baking in the sun and it smelled wonderful!


Post-dryer use.  Yes dryer sheets are useful even after they have been used to soften and scent your clothes!  Here's how:


1) Because television and PC screens are electrically charged, they actually attract dust, making dusting them a never-ending chore, but not if you dust them with used dryer softener sheets. These sheets are designed to reduce static cling, so they remove the dust, and keep it from resettling for several days or more - super hack worthy!


2) Same concept as above - those used dryer sheets will wick up pet hair off of upholstery and clothing in a flash.  I swear by this one :)


There you have it - 4 life hacks using the humble dryer sheet.  Have a wonderful week.


xoxo Katherine 

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