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Man Crush Monday: ride with me!

September 3, 2018


True Confession: I met Mr. Fossler when he answered an ad I put in the Star Tribune, back before 'online' dating was a thing.  


Part of the process was selecting activities I enjoyed such as the proverbial 'longs walks in the park'.  I did the usual answers and then on a whim added - motorcycles!


Little did I know this last minute addition to my ad was what caught my future husband's eye and was the impetus for him to reach out to me.  


Motorcycling has been a common thread throughout our 16 year relationship.  Our first date was a motorcycle ride, we ride most weekends, we spend at least one week long trip every summer on the bike as well.  


I took this video as we were leaving Keystone, SD  last month.


If you have never been on a bike this short video will be fun to experience.  If you do ride, you will relate to the mesmerizing sound and the beautiful scenery flying by - seemingly close enough to touch.


I hope you have Labor Day off of work and can enjoy it with your loved ones.  See you on the road!


xoxo Katherine 

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