Man Crush Monday: Dawson Church

August 27, 2018


When you go to the webpage of an individual that is an author, speaker and coach how often do you see links like this:


Well you do on Dawson Church's site!  I was introduced to Dawson through his book that came out last month: Mind to Matter.  I was introduced to the book serendipitously through a podcast I was listening to.  I was captivated by what Mr. Church was talking about and pre-ordered his book to find out more.


 Dawson has pulled together the latest research on epigenetics, quantum physics, energy psychology, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and other areas of study to undeniably demonstrate how our minds create our reality.  The hard, tested, scientific data is fascinating.  At the end of each chapter Dawson gives us a list of ways to immediately integrate the chapter's learnings into our daily life.


I have seen absolute magic in my own day to day life including some monumental shifts since I started reading and practicing the suggestions in the book.


The following are the two techniques I found most powerful in my own life:


1) Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT):  also known as 'tapping'.  EFT is being used worldwide by medical doctors, psychologists and individuals to 'interrupt' brain waves that cause distress or unease.  The most significant impact has been seen with Veterans suffering from PTSD and individuals that self-mutilate to relieve emotional trauma (cutting).  This link explains EFT in more detail and has a free downloadable guide to get you started.  The technique is simply tapping on your body's meridians (acupuncture points) while holding focused thoughts.  I have used it to overcome irrational fears and to stop smoking


2) Eco Meditation: is a meditation practice where you begin with a short round of EFT before meditating.  I have been practicing it twice daily for two months and have experienced a dramatic increase in my creativity, patience and creative problem solving - coming up with super  out of the box but close to brilliant ideas!  This link explains more and has an audio meditation to follow


I love that Dawson is a Humanitarian - he has a heart to serve and genuine drive to want to make the world a place of less suffering and pain.  As he says himself it is so easy with the right tools. 


I know this may seem a bit woo-woo to some of you, but I would never share something that I had not already tried and found to be life changing enough that I would risk my relaitonship with you by talking about it.


The time is right now to engage with these new modalities of wholeness for yourself, your family and the planet.


Have a wonderful week!


xoxo Katherine 




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