3 Highlights from the 2018 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

August 17, 2018


This was my 14th year attending the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota.


No I do not ride a motorcycle out - are you kidding?  I am not that tough!  We ride out west in our bus, pulling our motorcycle in a trailer behind us.  That way we don't have to stop for my 'potty breaks', and we can snack whenever we want.  Not to mention our two English Bulldogs can come with us.  


Highlight #1: Being part of the pilgrimage  

On our 12 hour journey to Sturgis, SD from New Richmond, WI we become part of a sacred pilgrimage that joins 500,000+ individuals from all over the world together by the passion we all share.  It is very emotional for me as the bikes (and trailers) join by our side on the highway, all heading to the same Holy Mecca.  There is an electric energy when we are part of something much larger than ourselves.


Highlight #2: Campfires

The fragrance of an open wood fire.  Becoming mesmerized by the dancing flames.  The warmth of the fire.  Enjoying the campfires this year was more impactful than I remember in the past.  So therapeutic and calming that I have asked Mr. Fossler to make a fire ring for us at the farm.


Highlight #3: Returning home with renewed energy and fresh perspective

I do not know exactly what it is, but every year when we return home I am changed - for the better!  I am re-energized for my work as well as the day to day mundane.  My husband says it is the 'energy' we are exposed to in the beautiful Black Hills and I agree.  It is also the magic of being in nature for a full week and having no other concerns than remembering to wear sunscreen and my cowgirl boots.


I know there is the stereotype of Sturgis being sex, drugs and mayhem.  Yes all of that is present at the rally as are the biker gangs.  However all of life is a choice, and we choose to limit our exposure to the undesirable part of the experience, creating instead the memories we cherish.  


Wishing you experiences of getting lost in a movement much larger than yourself; being mesmerized by dancing flames; and seeing your daily life with new eyes.


xoxo Katherine



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