Life Hack Monday: 3 ways to stop feeling poor

August 20, 2018


Feeling poor takes on many forms and is different for each of us.  For instance, it may not be linked to you income, belongings or wealth.   For some of us it is more of an internal state than an external state.  Perhaps you have finally made the commitment to stop using credit cards, and are in a period of transitioning to that mindset and lifestyle.


We all feel poor from time to time, and it can be a sad, sorry feeling of inferiority.  Regardless of the root of your 'feeling poor', these three actions will make a positive difference for you:


1) Commit to a clean car: no matter how old, scratched, new or ugly your car is, if you keep it sparkling clean inside and out you won't feel poor.  Remove every coffee cup, every paper and every item other than the emergency equipment in the trunk every time you leave the car.  Wash it weekly and make sure the windows are always spotless.  Wipe down the dust and crumbs on the inside, shake out the floor matts and get some air freshener if you need it


2) De-clutter: regardless how clean your house is, if you have clutter it IS pulling you down.  Clear your closets, drawers, cupboards, garage and counters of everything you do not need or that does not bring beauty to your life.  Clean, open spaces, tranquility and simplicity chase away feelings of poverty and open the door to joy.  Clutter inites chaos, which leads to depression and feeling out of control 


3) Carry a $100 bill: go to the bank and get a crisp $100 bill.  Fold it carefully and place in a secret place in your wallet.  No need to tell anyone.  Having this bill in your wallet will instantly make you feel prosperous and smart.  It is also security in the event you are in an emergency and need cash.  The tendency is not to spend the $100 because it IS special


Feeling poor is not a financial condition.  It is a state of mind, something you can change - right now!


xoxo Katherine 


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