Wonderful Woman Wednesday : Ms. Abundance, Mary Hirsch

August 15, 2018


Mary Hirsch is an amazing woman.  I first met Ms. Hirsch at a Toastmasters meeting four years ago.  As president of our club she was very polished, confident and inspiring.  She engaged the club in an ‘abundance manifestation’ exercise and I was hooked!  Every day I utilize Mary’s book Just Minutes to Victory, have taken her wonderful workshops and have the privilege of calling Mary my friend. 


I wanted to interview Mary for the blog because I want you to be aware of this wise woman residing in our community (Hudson) and you will no doubt learn something about yourself in her story. 


K: Mary, please describe your first act, second act and your transition between the two

M: My first act began not long after college with my role as a young mom and wife.  I wanted control over my work schedule and had an idea for a great product that would help small businesses excel. 

I acted on my intuition and started my first company at age 27.  Yes, I had challenges, especially at the beginning.  I was very close to filing for bankruptcy in those early years, but I stuck with it – I didn’t want that label.  I persevered and pushed onward, understanding that ups and downs are an expected part of growth and that things would get better. 

And they did.  It’s funny that during chapter 1, I always had chapter 2 on my mind.  However, with the responsibilities of being a single mother and sole breadwinner, I couldn’t take on the additional risk. My dreams for chapter 2 simmered away on the back burner which I found extremely frustrating.

When I was finally ready to transition to chapter 2, I tried to sell my business.  I had several offers but got fearful and took the deal off the table, eventually even purchasing one of the businesses vying to purchase my own business!  This was serendipity, as I tried a new strategy – taking on a partner that I trained to run the company as I gradually stepped back to focus on chapter 2.  Totally not the transition I had in mind – it was much better than what I had in mind!  If we can manage to get out of our own way, the universe will dazzle us with unexpected outcomes.

My chapter 2 is about personal transformation. I have been preparing for chapter 2 and enamored with this topic ever since my formal education came to a close.  Even back then, I was obsessed with the topic, studying, reading and trying different techniques. I eventually realized that I passionately wanted to teach personal transformation.  It makes me sad to see people suffer when they don’t have to. There are so many easy tools that can shift our perception and change our circumstances.

With my business partner in place, I was able to step away and work part time, allowing me to immerse myself in learning from the masters of personal transformation and earning my certifications.  I captured the best lessons and the most powerful practices to create my working journal - which is now my book, Just Minutes to Victory. 


K: I love your book – what prompted you to share the lessons from your journal?

M: I actually created the journal for myself. It was my insurance that those rich lessons wouldn’t become what I like to call shelf help. Unless those lessons were put into action, I knew my dreams would remain nothing more than wishful thinking. I loved what the journal delivered for me so much that I decided to share my wealth and published the book.

Here is the bottom line; we are all governed by our habits or paradigms.  If we don’t change them on a daily basis, our dreams will always remain at bay. The book is a beautiful, yet simple guide that helps you know what to do on a daily basis, which enables you to shift your paradigms.  If you use it daily, it WILL change your life.

I have expanded my offerings to include workshops that teach people how to change their energy from a pattern of fear, doubt and worry, to one of allowing greater prosperity in.  It is so much easier than we think it could be.  You’re going to live your life in some fashion why not do it by design? After my workshops, participants walk away totally fired up and confident they can easily do it.  I also coach to individuals, small groups and I am available for speaking engagements. 


K: Describe your daily practice

M: As soon as I wake, I take four deep cleansing breaths and thank the Good Lord for a brand new day – a day to express my creativity, help others, and live in this beautiful world.  When my feet hit the ground, I’m in gratitude mode. I thank God for my feet, legs, running water for my morning shower, and so much more.  After my shower, I practice Qi Gong which cleanses my energy channels and keeps me healthy on a daily basis.


K: Mary what does the word “legacy” mean to you?

M: My desired legacy is to help people live joyous, happy lives long after I am gone, through my books and the lessons that I’ve taught.  It is my hope for those who master living their dreams, to pass their wisdom on to their family and friends and they in turn, will do the same. We are all one; we need to take care of each other in a kind and loving way. For those who are lost and suffering, send them extra love and blessings, even if its done in silence. Not only will they receive it, you will benefit for sending it.


K: Mary can you give us a peek at your next book? 

M: The title is Nothing But Blue Sky.  It is a sequel to Just Minutes to Victory, featuring lessons about personal transformation. It will include real life stories illustrating the techniques and outcomes of using them. When you open the door, and hold it open, to allow joy in - it will magically appear, and the stories are the proof.


You can reach Mary at mailto:mary@livepresently.com or check out her website at livepresently.com to purchase her books or sign up for an upcoming workshop.

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