Tough time? You are NOT stuck, you are moving through = big difference!

August 8, 2018


There are times in life when we are 'going through' aka 'moving through' something.


Common themes are Going Through:

a divorce

an illness

a job change

an addiction

a loss

a disappointment 

a betrayal


None of this is easy and I am not minimizing it.  However you have most likely 'gone through' something tough already in your life, maybe even more than once. 


Remembering that this is the case and that it will not last forever can help you hold onto a glimmer of hope in the midst of grief, sadness, loneliness, confusion and upheaval.


Going through means that you are moving - moving forward - moving toward an end of the experience.  It means you will arrive on the other side.  Getting stuck is not the same.  Getting stuck means you are overstaying your time in the tough place and that can be dangerous.  We all do things in our own time (grieve, process situations, decide to make change, etc.), however be aware if it starts to feel overwhelmingly hopeless or your depression becomes paralyzing.  These are signs you have stopped moving through - you are stuck - and need help.


We all go through things in life, but the things we go through are the very circumstances, challenges and situations that make us people that know how to overcome adversity.  We do not grow or become strong during life's good times; we grow when we press through difficulties without giving up.


We must choose the right attitude toward our challenges and refuse to quit or give up.  We may have to do what is right or a long time before we feel it is paying off, but if we stay faithful and refuse to give up, good results will come.  One we get through the adversities and challenges we face, we emerge as better people than we were when we went into them.


Make a commitment to yourself that you will go all the way through every difficulty you face in life.  Make a decision now to keep going forward, trusting God no matter how difficult it is because you know you are not alone and you will grow and strengthen as a result.


xoxo Katherine 



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