Life Hack Monday: get organized for fall

August 6, 2018


For me Fall has always been the busiest season of all.  Even more than the Christmas season since I keep that whole deal pretty simple.   Fall in the past has actually bordered on crazy busy which I avoid at all costs.  I like to be a woman of leisure, not hurried and certainly never ever frantic!


This time of the year however has multiple overlapping occurrences such as:

  • School starting back up

  • Last minute summer vacations

  • Switching from summer to fall clothes and accessories

  • The overall yearning to start something new and exciting (I attribute that to it being a ‘back to school’ time)


On the surface these events do not seem like much.  But take the first one for example – school starting up.  Well there are meetings, forms, physicals, purchasing a laundry list of school supplies and back to school clothes, haircuts, dentist appointments, potentially arranging before school care, transportation and more! 


One beautiful, frantic Fall five years ago I was on the edge of a total Freak Out.  Moving child to college, new job, evicting tenants and rebuilding ruined rental home, remodel on our home, taking classes myself plus moving a loved one to assisted living while preparing their home for sale.   Yikes!  You know what I mean and you have been there too.


To get a grip on the feeling of being out of control before it was too late I did a simple thing:

I bought a white board calendar.


I recorded everything on that white board.  What was coming up in the next 7 weeks / a countdown to the most significant happenings / shopping list / a list of ‘to-dos’.


I displayed it in a prominent place in our kitchen, ensuring everyone saw it many times a day.  It worked so well during that busy Fall that I started to use it year-round and still do!


This simple visual reminder has revolutionized how my family and I stay organized and coordinated as a single unit.  Every Sunday night we take 5 minutes to talk about what is coming up for each of us during the upcoming week.  This ensures all of us are cognizant of how we can support each other better and be sensitive to changes in our regular weekly schedule. No one likes surprises and this practice minimizes surprises for all.


On one side of the white board we put important upcoming events with a countdown of how many days until they transpire. For example, the calendar I included in this post is from April when we were preparing to move to our farm.  You can see there is a 29 day countdown, which reminded us when to get packing, schedule movers, and most importantly - mentally prepare for this significant event. 


I believe mental forethought is 90% of preparation.  If you ponder and embrace upcoming changes and events everything in life will be easier and more enjoyable!  


Try it - buy a white board, make a calendar, update it weekly and go over it every Sunday - with yourself if you live alone, with others in your household if you don't. 


It will truly make your Fall, weeks (and life) go more smoothly, allow you to be mentally and emotionally ready for upcoming events/changes, which leads to peacefully living in the moment enjoying what is going on around you.  


Have a successful week!  xoxo Katherine 

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