It's not too late - make August 2018 count!

August 1, 2018


I know summer has really flown by this year, however it is NOT too late to make it memorable if you are feeling disappointed by June and July 2018.


Here's how.  Every summer I make a list of what I want to do during the three months of wonderful.  Then I put them on the calendar - ask for the day off work, invite the individuals I want to include, plan for it and DO IT.


So let's do a mini version for the month of August.  What are two things you promised yourself (or someone you love) that you would do summer of 2018?


Be very selective and choose the two, that when you look back, will be powerful memories.  This puts a twist on things.  What if visiting your very elderly grandma is on the list but near the bottom, under some fun week-end trips.  Well, if something on your list has a limited shelf life, it gets moved up - plain and simple!  


When you have your two things write them each on the top of a blank sheet of paper, then under each thing, write the following:


1) how much time will it take to really enjoy this activity, think: leisurely and worthwhile

2) who needs to be there with you (or not?)

3) what time or day(s) of the week are optimum to do it

4) what pre-planning needs to happen - then make a list of preparation steps

5) picture in your mind, the most wonderful unfolding of this happening - smell the smells, feel the sensations, hear the sounds and feel the positive emotions unfolding as if it were really happening right now and imagine how you will feel as you fondly look back on the experience

6) put it on your calendar 

7) make it happen!


It is NOT too late to make the summer of 2018 one of your best ever - go get your happiness!


Happy August.



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