Farmstead Friday: Lions and Tigers and BEARS oh my!

July 20, 2018


Well, no Lions or Tigers, but definitely BEARS!


Earlier this week I had the boys (Willy and Junior my English Bulldogs) out before bed to do their 'business'.  It was dusk, hard to see, but 20 feet behind them near the tree line was an odd shape with glowing eyes.  


I tried to make out what it was - we have many deer on the property.  Wait, this is crouched down, low to the ground and very wide.  When it silently turned and disappeared into the woods I realized it was a bear.  And I freaked!  


I know bears want to encounter me as much as I want to encounter them = never.  However it was very unsettling and I didn't sleep well that night.


This week I didn't engage in my nightly walks around our property.  I was spooked.  But last night I went for it.  I pinned bells to socks, which I pinned on my waistband.  They make quite a racket as I walk through the woods around our property. 


I was told this will alert the bear(s) to where I am so they can avoid me.  As a back up I also carried mace.


I need to overcome this fear because the benefit of nightly walks - a walking meditation - is too wonderful to stop.  Plus overcoming fear is such a powerful way to grow and expand.


What fears do you have in your life right now that you need to face and overcome?  I didn't know what to do about a bear, so I turned to those who knew what to do - friends, subject matter experts, the local hardware store.  Where can you turn for support and advice to face your most pressing fear from those who have already conquered your nemesis?


Fear can keep us from experiencing all the joy and opportunity available to us in our lives and suppress us in ways we don't even realize.


I challenge you to face YOUR BEAR and get on with it!


Have a super week-end.


xoxo Katherine



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