Amazing Woman Wednesday: Ms. Jill McNamee

July 18, 2018

Jill McNamee is the founder and co-owner of McNamee Real Estate, located in Hudson.



 I LOVE Jill McNamee.  To me, she is the epitome of a "Go Giver" (inspiring little book) and smart, savvy, successful business woman that is open to new ideas, concepts and practices.  She is my hero. 


Jill and her team have recently sold two homes for me and helped me purchase my dream farm! 


Jill is a Peer Mentor Facilitated Mastermind client, where as a cohort member she has offered game changing advice on a regular basis, and has been receptive to receiving ways to accelerate her own learning and practices to increase her success.


Recently I had the opportunity to interview Jill


Katherine: Jill you owned and operated a retail scrapbook store for 4 years, affectionately known as the “Scrap Lady” and then transitioned into Real Estate in the heat of the 2008 recession.  How did happen?


Jill:  It was so serendipitous.  After I closed my store I returned to the marketing job I worked previously.  I realized it wasn’t what I wanted for my future.  After being an entrepreneur, I knew I was going backwards and it was a bad decision.  At the same time my son was searching for his professional niche and my sister suggested he try real estate.  My husband and I were talking about our son’s future and my husband said “you should do real estate, you’d be good at it.”  Sometimes our partners say something that is inspired and within a week I was enrolled in Real Estate school. 


I was surrounded by naysayers – it was the great recession; the housing market was in a huge slump and I was trying to break into a new market.  However, I learned that the fastest way for me to get to a goal is for someone to tell me I can’t do it!  I put my all into becoming an agent – a successful agent and here I am!


Katherine: How did you do it – what tools, resources did you utilize?


Jill:  I utilize coaches.  Early in my career I sort of accidentally found a mentor who became a good friend and my first ‘unofficial’ coach. Since that time, I have always had a coach.  I’m on my 4th coach in 9 years.  As my goals and needs change, I’ve found that my coach should change as well, assisting me to that next level in my business.


Katherine: What’s next – where do you see yourself in 3 years?


Jill: I will be a published author.  I am currently writing a book for anyone in business or sales that will inspire readers to improve their business by leveraging existing relationships.  I will also move out of production into a more ‘face of the company’ role.  I will still be very involved in the day to day, however in a role that will better serve my organization, generating more leads and business in a global fashion by building relationships - as my book will recommend!  I will also have ownership in a Market Center (Keller Williams office).  We also plan on starting a flipping division of our company and purchasing rental properties.


Katherine: Lastly, Jill what brings you joy right now?


Jill: My ‘littles’ -  my grand babies.  Brody will be 3 in October and Haven is 5 months.  Being with them melts my stress and keeps me grounded in what is important.


My take aways from Jill:

  1. Being open to new ideas, concepts, ways of doing things = success

  2. Being a “Go Giver” = success

  3. Coaching and mastermind participation = success

  4. Being open minded and on the lookout for opportunity = success

  5. Fastest way to achieve a goal = tell me I can’t!

  6. Being able to articulate your future goals clearly = success

  7. Identifying what brings you joy and incorporating it into your life regularly = good living

  8. Realize that even your spouse can speak inspired words (yikes I need to start listening more!)

I hope you found this as inspiring as I did - a 'regular, hometown girl with challenges' making a big difference in the lives of so many while carefully listening to and honoring her intuition.


Jill's website - Jill's e-mail:


xoxo Katherine 










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