Life hack Monday : perfect hair in a flash!

July 16, 2018


I have gray hair.  It is approximately 80% gray.  I am not ready to 'bare it all' so every 4-5 weeks I go in and have my 'regrowth' touched up.  If you are more courageous than I and are considering going au natural, read this interview with Ms. Tasia for inspiration and tips on how to go about transitioning.


As I said, I am NOT ready yet and I made a major blunder this month.  I forgot to schedule my touch up appointment and have to wait an additional THREE weeks!  This is a full fledged first world emergency - my roots are 1/2 inch long at 4 weeks, and right now they are 3/4 of an inch, 'inching' towards a full inch - yikes!


Then I remembered one of the recommendations Ms. Tasia had in our interview - spray on root color.  I've tried the wand type but it rubs off and is hard to apply.  So I did one day shipping from Amazon on

Style Edit spray on root coverage.  My roots were gone in a flash!  Covered completely and oh so fast!


How can one small small change (like spraying my roots!) create a 360 degree turn around in my attitude?  My hair was styled the same, I had on the same clothes and the same activities planned for the day.  But one spray and I was completely different (in my mind).


I started thinking of other small things that had big returns:

  • calling a friend

  • going for a walk

  • writing a thank you card

  • making my bed every morning

  • shining my shoes


Can you identify 3-4 things that make a big difference for you - with little effort?  Things that can change your attitude right around to a positive?  


Once you do, schedule them into your week this week.  It's that easy!


Have a super Monday.


xoxo Katherine

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