Farmstead Friday: Remember Rick Rack?

July 13, 2018


During the 4th of July Holiday we traveled to southern Wisconsin and found ourselves in several antique stores.  


There I spotted it - something I had been searching for - the perfect gingham apron - with Rick Rack!  Do you remember Rick Rack?


It was 'recently' made popular during the "Little House on the Prairie" television series in the 1970's.  When I was in grade school I had rick rack on several skirts and loved the simple detail.


I will be wearing my awesome apron in my farmhouse kitchen when baking.  I can't wait!


There is something very special about items that when we see them, they elicit warm memories from our past.  In this category for me are my breadbox, cowgirl boots I wore as a child and my father's Army dog-tags.  Such different items, same warm feeling inside.


What items bring forth warm memories for you?  Is there a way you can incorporate them into your daily life? 


My sister-in-law does an amazing job of synthesizing old, memory filled items into her decor.  When I am in her home there is something innately comforting in every room.


What a wonderful gift to give to yourself and others.  This week-end find one special item, dust it off, bring it into the light and place it in a position of honor where you will see it daily - and smile!


Happy Friday.  xoxo Katherine 




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