Are words keeping you from your dreams?

July 11, 2018


I believe our words are extremely powerful.  I have been working earnestly on becoming aware of what comes out of my mouth.   


Often I find myself starting to say "it's always something!" - "when it rains it pours!" - but stop  before I complete the sentence. 


Why would I want my life to reflect, and be based on the phrase"it's always something?" Yet that is what we do when we say these things.


I was with a group of friends last month and heard "I'm so unorganized!" - "I just can't focus" - "I don't have any money".  I cringed every time I heard one of these destructive affirmations.  


I encourage you to begin listening very carefully to what you are saying. 

Your body, mind and the universe are listening and delivering what you are asking for! 


When you begin to utter something negative - stop - rephrase in a positive manner or keep quiet!


Try having a positive affirmation for the day or week such as:

  • I am a money magnet

  • I experience vibrant health

  • I am always in the right place at the right time

Click to read more affirmations and how to incorporate them into your daily life.


Soon you will be a master of your words and find yourself moving towards your dreams instead of away from them.


Have a great day.

xoxo Katherine 

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