Bulldog Friday : nutz...

July 6, 2018


Testicles, balls, scrotum...you get the idea!  What I didn't know was that if my dog did NOT have these little gems it rendered him unable to compete in dog shows.  I had no idea!


We had our first English Bulldog, Junior,  'fixed' at the appropriate age and were heartbroken to find out later that altered dogs could not compete.  I love the connection that dogs and their owners have in the show ring and wanted to experience it firsthand. 


So we  brought home baby Willy, balls and all!  He is our show baby.  We have a show in two weeks and are


getting ready!  That means practicing walking on a skinny, pretty show lead,  walking up a ramp and lots of standing still - not Willy's forte!


But it is for the experience and being able to see the other dogs and the special bond they have with their people.  


Plus if you have ever watched Westminster Dog Show on television you know how what I'm talking about, but this is actually being able to BE there!  Can't wait!

Please send us loving thoughts the week-end of July 20th!

xoxo Katherine 


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